Each generation does not inherit the world from the previous one, it borrows it from those that follow. If they return the world in the intact, rich and lush state they found it in, they will have acted sustainably within change and renewal.

After 115 years of history and four generations of entrepreneurs devoted to promoting the precious commodity called oil, the prime raw material of the Mediterranean diet, Salvadori took on board the principle of sustainability: sustainable is the development model we pursue since 1900, sustainable is the social and environmental responsibility of our company, sustainable is the lifestyle that we offer to all those who choose our quality.

For Salvadori, 2017 gives way to 2018 in the sign of the synergy between the quality and sustainability, because in a modern concept of development the two concepts must proceed together. Quality is the legacy of the generations that have built the success of Salvadori, sustainability is the model of “good economy” that opens a horizon for the generations that follow.

These themes are the most relevant content of our new communication strategy that integrates tradition with innovation: on the one hand the suggestions and recommendations of the 2016 calendar that will accompany our customers for the next twelve months, on the other, the information and the curious facts about the world of olive oil provided by the new Salvadori website. Drop by drop, a “juice” of knowledge and flavours that invite you to enjoy the beauty of the noblest amongst the fruits of our land.

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